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Lunch-Gallery Cafe

Fast-food restaurants aren’t the only places offering you a “full meal deal.”

Lunch is available at Trollwood during June 5 - June 27, Monday-Friday, at the Gallery Cafe. Meal will include choice of entree, side, vegetable or fruit and a beverage.

Best Deal! Full Meal Deal: Punch card entitles you to lunch every day, Just $5.00 for each lunch, $85.00 (17 lunches total). This plan offers the greatest savings, too!

Partial Meal Plan: Choose the number of lunches you would like to buy, multiplied by $5.50 per lunch, and we'll customize a punch card just for you to be used on the days of your choosing! Additional meals may be purchased and added to your punch card at any time.

Single Lunch: You can easily buy lunch individually for $5.75 each, no punch card needed. You pay as you go through the meal line (cash or checks accepted).

Ala Carte Items: Available every day, priced individually. Items include salads, entrees, fruit, yogurt, desserts, chips, and beverages (cash or checks accepted).

The Gallery Cafe Lunch order form can be downloaded here.

The June 2019 Lunch Menu Schedule will be available soon! Lunch Menu Schedule and Gallery Cafe Lunch order form will also be available in the student orientation packets which will be sent after May 17, 2019.