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Trollwood Academy

Trollwood Academy

During June, students ages 14 through 2018 graduated senior may determine their daily schedule of performing and production arts study for as little as 90 minutes a day (one class), up to a full day of 4 classes.

Students may also design their own individualized program of performing and production arts study. Whatever your area of interest or level of expertise, Trollwood has a class just for you! With nearly 40 beginning to advanced classes to select from, students can expand their horizons by trying something new in a beginner’s course or challenge themselves with an advanced class. Taught by professionals from down the street and around the nation, these classes offer opportunities to explore all areas of the performing and production arts.

Dates: June 6-28

Location: Trollwood Performing Arts School

Orientation: June 6, 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM at the Marcil Commons at Trollwood.

Registration Deadline: May 18th. Registration remains open after this deadline. However, a $25 late fee will be assessed.

Fees: See Program Fees page here

Recommendations for Registration

Students benefit most when they experience a variety of arts disciplines. While some may be tempted to focus their class schedule only in a specific discipline, it is best to acquire a diverse arts background to become well-rounded performers and/or technicians. A broad versus narrow range of training may also be advantageous when applying to secondary education, art, and performance institutions. 

For example, to be a proficient dancer, one should know not only how to execute the technique of the dance, but also be able to project the dramatic significance of it (acting classes), understand the rhythms and sounds (vocal and music classes), and be sensitive to the stage setting, lights, etc. (tech theatre classes).

A broad understanding of performing and production arts can help artists realize their full creative goals. For this reason, we encourage students to enroll in a variety of performing and production arts classes.

Class Placement Verification

In order for students to learn as much as possible in their classes at Trollwood, instructors will assess the skill level of each participant. Teachers may make recommendations during the first day of class that could include suggesting another class level or option that would better meet the student’s needs.

Register: Click here to view and download the 2018 Registration Form.