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The Trollwood Players

A Brand New program coming to Trollwood Performing Arts School this summer!


Written & Directed by Kevin Kennedy

If you enjoyed the Actors Collaborative Theatre (LAB) then you will love this year’s fresh take on a non-musical production!

Trollwood Players is a non-musical, summer theater opportunity for students. Each summer the Trollwood Players performs a collection of ten minute plays to give each student in the program the opportunity to perform a large part in a short piece. The goal of the Trollwood Players is to meet new people, learn some acting skills, and to have fun.

Odds and Ends is a collection of ten minute plays written and directed by Kevin Kennedy. Each piece is a complete play within itself. Ten minute plays usually deal with a single issue and the plot is simple. Because of the shortened time, sets are minimal and the piece is focused on the characters. The goal of a ten minute play is to get the audience to think about a single issue or dilemma in a tightly focused format. Kevin Kennedy has written over 40 ten minute plays.

When: July 16 - August 10, 2018

Where: Fargo South High School

Ages:  14 to 2018 graduated senior

Orientation:  Attendance is REQUIRED.  June 6, 10:30am-12:00pm at Trollwood.  Meet at Marcil Commons at 10:30am.

Rehearsal:  First day of rehearsal is July 16 at Fargo South High School.  Rehearsals will meet 9:00am - 1:00pm, Monday - Thursday at Fargo South High School.

Cast and Tech opportunities are available. 

Open enrollment program filled on a first come, first served basis.  Auditions for cast will be held the first day to assign roles.

Performances: August 9 & 10, 7:30pm at Fargo South High School

Register: Click here to view and download the 2018 Registration Form.

Stay tuned for more info!