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Student Leadership

Trollwood Performing Arts School is built upon the belief that the arts can transform people’s lives.

One of the most powerful ways to heighten learning in the arts is to be mentored by a professional artist, technician, teacher or administrator who is willing to share their expertise and experience. An advanced student can, in turn, lead their peers and share their experience by becoming the mentor to a beginning or younger student, layering in another facet of learning through teaching. This process extends a circle of personal growth and fulfillment into actions that strengthen the entire team.

The Trollwood Student Leadership program provides talented young adults with…

  • individual guidance from professionals in their arts discipline 
  • practical leadership training 
  • strengthened arts skills and knowledge 
  • insights into the life of a professional artist/theatre technician 
  • opportunity to demonstrate responsibility and earn respect of peers and mentors
  • opportunity to mentor others at Trollwood, their home school and other arts settings
  • development of communication and problem solving skills
  • support in setting goals and planning to meet objectives
  • mentorship throughout the creative process of creating a theatrical production
  • excellent contacts in the professional arts world
  • A scholarship that covers the Trollwood program fee

WHAT is Student Leadership?

Student Leaders serve as assistants to a designated member of Trollwood artistic, technical, teaching or administrative teams for the Mainstage Musical, Totally Trollwood Musical, Trollwood Academy, Totally Trollwood Academy, Trollwood Players or ArtSpark, learning about their chosen art form through personal tutelage and hands-on experience, in addition to applying leadership skills through supervising daily rehearsals/construction sessions and guiding student groups. Student Leaders for the Totally Trollwood Academy, Totally Trollwood Musical and ArtSpark programs also serve as mentors to the younger students.  

WHO can be a part of the Student Leader program?

Any high school student who has been at Trollwood for at least two years, and/or is a junior or senior, is eligible to apply. 

What QUALIFICATIONS do I need to have to be selected?

  • a solid knowledge base of the discipline for which you are applying
  • a demonstrated ability to work as a team player
  • positive leadership attributes in your previous work 
  • a solid work ethic
  • a true love of working in the arts

What’s expected of a Student Leader?

  • participate in orientation and training meetings
  • set goals for the summer, and work with your mentor to develop and implement a plan to achieve these goals
  • establish a work schedule with your mentor, schedules vary depending upon student leadership position
  • serve as liaison between the students in your area of responsibility and the staff
  • model the highest standard of behavior
  • assist with strike until completed, duties run through Friday, August 3

Click here to download the Student Leader Application