Tech Crew Participation

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Technical Crew Participation

Important Notes

Safety Practices: All technical theatre study work is carried out using strict safety practices. Therefore, students must complete safety instruction on the care and use of all hand and power tools, equipment, and materials prior to being allowed to use them. Students will be expected to use hand tools, power tools and machines, electrical equipment, computers, paint, chemicals, foam, and other construction materials appropriate to the area of study as part of their coursework.

Any student who abuses or misuses any Trollwood tools, equipment, or materials will not be allowed further access to the item, which may affect their ability to complete required coursework and thus may be dismissed from the program.

Students are required to wear safety gear (protective eye wear, ear protection, etc.) and follow safe operating procedures for all tools, equipment and materials used at Trollwood.

Foot Wear: Proper footwear must be worn during all technical theatre classes and work or construction sessions to ensure maximum safety for participants. Proper footwear consists of closed toe and covered heel shoes, and may include athletic shoes, boots, loafers or street shoes. Proper footwear should form to the foot and not be “loose,” nor allow for movement of the foot inside the shoe. Sandals, flip flops, open-backed, and some slip-on shoes are not adequate footwear for technical theatre classes and work sessions.

Course Descriptions

This year we have 4 options available for our technical theatre students. Choose the program(s) that’s the best fit for you and sign up for the corresponding option on the Trollwood Registration Form.

Technical Theatre Class - Scenic (Geared for ages 11-15; however, all ages are welcome to registrer)
Prerequisite: None
June 5-27, Trollwood Academy class/Totally Trollwood Academy Elective, available periods 1 & 3.

Get hands on experience in technical theatre!  This course will give you the opportunity to better understand technical theatre and grasp the concept of teamwork as the backbone of any successful theatrical production. Class participants will receive training and guidance from a skilled instructor.

To sign up, check the box marked “Technical Theatre Class - Scenic” under the Trollwood Academy or Totally Trollwood Academy section of the Trollwood Registration Form.

Mainstage Musical Technical Theatre Experience
Prerequisite: Previous tech experience
June 5–June 27, Trollwood Academy Class, flexible schedule

Students work side by side with our staff of theatre professionals in all the areas of technical theatre needed to mount the show. Choose your area of interest from Costuming, Lighting/Sound, Set Building/Paint/Props, Hair/Makeup, and become a part of the team! 

To sign up, register for one or more periods of Mainstage Musical Technical Theatre Experience in your chosen area on theTrollwood Academy section of the Trollwood Registration Form.  There is also an option to do Mainstage Musical Tech Independent Study during after school hours.  You will meet with the instructor/professional artist-technician of your chosen area to determine your personalized, after school study schedule.

Mainstage Musical Run Crew
Prerequisite: Previous tech experience
July 1, 2, 3, 5–August 2, during Mainstage Musical tech week and performance schedule

Running crew members are students who operate equipment and carry out various technical theatre functions of the Mainstage Musical during performances. Team members’ running crew roles are determined by department heads, who consider the student’s dedication to learning, their performance throughout construction sessions, and their ability to handle responsibility. Running crew members work in the following areas:

Wardrobe crew assists with quick changes during the performance and manages costume care.

Lighting crew is responsible for running lights for the show, to provide mood and spirit to each scene.

Makeup/Hair crew transforms their peers with new faces and hair styles.

Props crew assists with the management of the props during the run of the show.

Set crew is responsible for executing scenic shifts during performances.

Sound Reinforcement crew assures the audience can hear all the performers.

To sign up, check the box marked “Mainstage Musical Run Crew” under the Trollwood Academy section of the Trollwood Registration Form. Please indicate your area of interest.

NOTE: If you are interested in being on a Technical Run Crew, it is strongly recommended that you also sign up for either "Technical Theatre Class - Scenic” or  Mainstage Musical Technical Theatre Experience”. See details previously posted on this page.

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