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This spring Trollwood Performing Arts School presents SparkMusic. Is music the thing that sparks your child’s interest? If so, then this is the perfect program for them! Join us for a 1 day music session that will build your child’s confidence & creativity!

Explore the Music of the Pacific Islands with Moana!

Moana welcomes you to a fiafia, or a “party,” in her homeland of the Pacific Islands! Together you will learn the simple but elegant melodies, songs, and signals that were born from these south Pacific Islands many years ago. Get ready to try your hand at drumming, as well as these native instruments: the slit drum, conch shell, panpipe, ocarina, ukulele and more! Learn how music played a central role in everyday Polynesian life, from communicating with instruments to the dances performed at a fiafia! Grab your grass mat and sail in your canoe to meet us for a South Pacific, Moana themed, musical adventure!

Ages 7-11

April 2 from 1:30-5:00pm at Trollwood - Starion Room

Instructor:  Paige Rezac of Shine Music

Cost is only $40

Contact Trollwood at 218-477-6500 to register today!

Register Now!  Students are encouraged to enroll early; space is limited & program is filled on a first come, first served basis. 
Registration deadline is March 29th.

Registration: Click here to download the 2017 Registration Form.